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Cooper's Cozy Critters Creations

Where are you located?

Kitchener, Ontario


Are you able to ship worldwide?

Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to ship world-wide.


Am I required to pay shipping before my order is created?

Yes. Shipping is based on your location, as well as the size of order. Shipping will be included on invoices, but may be subject to change.


What absorbent material do you use in your products?

All liners, as well as potty pads, contain two extremely absorbent layers of u-haul. 


Are you able to create odd sized liners?

Yes, I am able to create any size or shape required.


Are potty pads included in the purchase of critter beds?

Yes. All cozy critter beds, with the exception of cuddle sacks, include two potty pads.


Are your products pre-washed before shipping?

Our products are sent to you freshly prepared, but not pre-washed.


Do you accept e-transfer?

For your security and ours we will only accept PayPal as your means of payment.

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