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Cozy Critters 


Thank you for purchasing one of our proudly Canadian, homemade small animal products! Each of our items is made with your critters comfort in mind!


Inspect Your Product:

Upon receiving your item(s) please examine for any loose threads or damage. If we have accidentally missed any of these during inspection, please snip them before offering them to your small animal.


Washing Instructions:

Our products are sent to you freshly prepared, but not pre-washed. All of our items are machine washable, we recommend washing on a cool or cold cycle to prevent shrinkage. Custom orders are made slightly larger than the size requested, in order to compensate for any possible shrinking that may occur. Washing with a detergent that doesn’t contain fabric softener or scent is best. As it allows the fleece to wick properly, causing it to become more absorbent. You can tumble dry any and all of our products, although a low heat is highly recommended.


How Fleece Works:

Fleece has a natural waterproof barrier. In order to break through this barrier, it needs to be washed a minimum of three times. In order to perform at its absorbent best! It will wick any liquid through it down to the absorbent layers, allowing the top layer (the fleece) to remain dry. This introduces why so many individuals prefer to have it in their cages accompanied by an absorbent layer. Our potty pads, cage liners and bottle pads, compared to most shops, consist of two considerably heavy absorbent layers of U-Haul padding inside of them, as well as two outer layers of fleece to keep your pets nice and dry. It is imperative not to use fabric softener or dryer sheets of any kind with any of these products, as it can rebuild the waterproof barrier you've worked so hard to break down.



Our cozy critter items are NOT designed for chewers! It is up to the discretion of the owner to decide whether or not our products are safe for your small critter. Cooper’s Cozy Critters Creations is not responsible for the safety of your pets. Please inspect any products regularly and if you notice any damage discontinue use.

We adore seeing happy, spoiled critters! Feel free to e-mail us a photo of your cozy critters enjoying their Cooper’s Cozy Critters Creations at,so we can share these photos with our Facebook page!

Care Instrustions for Homemade Items